Marubhuti’s third incarnation

Recalling the homage to the Five, engaged in pious meditation, he died and became a god in Sahasrara with a life-term of seventeen sagaras.
Varuna’s third incarnation
The cow-elephant Varuna practiced very severe penance, so that she became a goddess in the second heaven, after death.* There was no god in Isana whose heart was not won by her wealth of fascinating beauty and grace. But she did not pay any attention to any god at all, absorbed in thought of meeting the god with the soul of the elephant. The god with the soul of the elephant had great affection for her and, knowing by clairvoyance that she was in love, had her brought to Sahasrara.
The god made the goddess the crest-jewel of his harem. For affection connected with former births in very strong, Enjoying sensuous pleasure, suitable to the heaven Sahasrara, with her, he passed the time, foreseeing no separation.
Kamatha’s third incarnation
In course of time the kukkuta-serpent died and became a hell-inhabitant in the fifth hell, with a life-term of seventeen! sagaras. Kamatha’s soul always experienced pains suitable! for the fifth hell and never attained any rest at all.

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