“Glory to your spotless omniscience, giving light to all present, past, and future living creatures everywhere. You alone are the boat for creatures to cross the boundless ocean of existence. You alone are the pilot. This day is the king of all days, Lord of Three Worlds, on which the great festival of the sight of your feet took place for us. The darkness of ignorance, thief of the eye of men’s discernment, does not go away without the juice of the herb of your teaching. Now your congregation* in worldly existence, ah! becomes an enterprise for helping creatures cross (existence), like a new ford at a river. Homage to you, having the four infinities of Siddhas,247 possessing all the supernatural powers, submerged in indifference, alone gracious. There is compassion on your part toward Meghamalin, evil-minded, who committed serious injuries in each birth. In what instance is there not compassion on your part? Wherever I stay, wherever I go, may the protec­tion of your lotus-feet not leave my heart.”
After this hymn of praise, the Indra of Saudharma and Asvasena stopped speaking and Sri Parsvanatha, the Blessed, delivered a sermon.

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